As a designer I strive to be effective. I desire for people to see my work and become curious. I understand this is something that takes time in accomplishing as a designer, but by constantly analyzing designs, layouts, and questioning exactly what makes other pieces of work successful allows me to become more effective. Always taking into account the principles and elements of design has helped me grasp the foundations of design and by revisiting them during each stage of my design process allows me see them in a new way.

During my design process I have learned the importance of being mindful of my surroundings so that I can draw creative inspiration from ordinary situations. Sketching is a vital skill that has allowed me to explore forms and ideas during my initial creative process. However, to effectively communicate a concept I have realized skills need to extend past artistic abilities; listening, observing, and communicating are a few of the skills that have helped me in developing my design process. As a designer I know there are many topics that will be the focus of my work. This is what keeps me passionate about the field; it is always about something else, and like most designers my best work involve subjects I can relate to or that interest me. Therefore I am encouraged to continue to keep learning because the more things I am interested in, the more effective my work will be.

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