Blogging While Brown

Blogging While Brown is an event that takes place in New York City. Here is a link to a previous attendee who went in 2012, her name is Charing Ball and she gives her personal take of what she got from last year’s event.

I would like to attend Blogging While Brown because it would put me in an atmosphere off motivated and hardworking individuals. This would allow me to learn vital information that would elevate my blogging techniques and give me inspiration as a young professional. Since moving to New York City for an opportunity to be an intern at Aperture Foundation I have found blogging to be useful. My goal as a blogger is to build a personal space online where I share my story as a young designer striving to pursue my dream of obtaining a design career in the design capital of the world. Pursuing my dream of staying located in New York City, the design capital of the world, comes with multiple challenges. With a huge lack of African American females in design there have been few professionals that I can look up too. Instead I’ve replaced my professional icons with African American women who are in other creative fields. The opportunity to attend Blogging While Brown will allow me to continue to become inspired by prominent African American females which is necessary for providing the hope and vision I need to achieve me dream of being a designer in a non-colored male dominated profession.

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