• Harkess-Ord: Delivering Exceptional Brand Experiences

    Harkess-Ord is a multi-faceted design firm that focuses on four major project disciplines, multisite brand implementations, way-finding, environmental branding, and architectural signage. Their goal is to bring a company’s brand identity to the built environment in a consistent way. They are a pioneer in their field and began working in their industry since 1989. Perhaps […]

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  • RAMS Documentary: A Reflection

    Dieter Rams is a German industrial designer and retired academic closely associated with the consumer products company Braun and the functionalist school of industrial design. A remarkable designer I often stumbled across throughout my design career but never grasped the capacity of his influence on design up until now. Thanks to director Gary Hustwit’s ability […]

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  • Lovers of Spacial Design: LeadDog Marketing Group

    Birthed by Mark Schmitz, Zebradog seeks to create dynamic environmental graphic design solutions for their clients. Their team is a group of multidisciplinary professional ranging from architects, interactive designers, graphic designers, exhibitions designers, interior designers, and project managers. Based in Madison Wisconsin, they serve clients that are scattered throughout the USA.The above exhibition gave them […]

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  • The art of Real Estate

    REAL ESTATE ARTS is an agency that focuses on capturing the essence of a brand and developing it across a diverse level of platforms, including space, print, and digital. This is how they set themselves apart from others which in turn help their clients become distinguished among growing completion. They are an award winning studio located […]

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  • Madison Avenue Ann Taylor

    The Short Life of a Stylist

    Here’s a short story about the experience of a stylist at Ann Taylor’s Flagship store on Madison Avenue. It came with open arms and an expectant heart filled with the love of fashion and personal style, and left with a hurt lower abdomen, back pain, aching feet, and a new understanding of style and fashion […]

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