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RAMS Documentary: A Reflection

Dieter Rams is a German industrial designer and retired academic closely associated with the consumer products company Braun and the functionalist school of industrial design. A remarkable designer I often stumbled across throughout my design career but never grasped the capacity of his influence on design up until now. Thanks to director Gary Hustwit’s ability to capture this legend I’ve found a deeper appreciation for Deiter. This knock ’em out of the ball park film director was the one responsible for the Objectified, Helvetica, and Urbanized documentaries, and he’s scored again with this one, RAMS. Today I got to meet him and worked with him to set up the reserved section in the SVA Theatre in NYC. My life is so stuffed with things to do I never had the time to sit down and research the event I signed up to volunteer for with AIGA. After sitting in a few of the seats to find the perfect view, he showed us where to place the signs in the theatre. Watching him reminded me of my desire to one day produce films. He was very approachable and it was humbling.

As a designer this film was very convicting for me and was at such a timely moment during this stage in my life. The word ‘behavior’ struck a cord in my soul throughout this film. Other parallel words were character, integrity, and convictions. Do I have what it takes to follow through with these behaviors, because the results are out of this world wicked amazing!

RAMS inspired me to look within and dig deeper with what I can offer to this world as a creator. It also reminds me we need more designers and innovators of color being represented in this field; I often feel like a pioneer as a black designer in a see of white skin. Despite that, volunteering for Gary Hustwit’s film RAMS through AIGA was a very humbling experience and I desire to continue to put myself out there. Check out this dope site of his 10 principles of design.

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