The Short Life of a Stylist

Here’s a short story about the experience of a stylist at Ann Taylor’s Flagship store on Madison Avenue.

Madison Avenue Ann Taylor


It came with open arms and an expectant heart filled with the love of fashion and personal style, and left with a hurt lower abdomen, back pain, aching feet, and a new understanding of style and fashion according to  the Ann Taylor Madison Avenue client.

Madison Avenue runs parallel to Park Avenue, one of the richest places on earth (Park Avenue that is). It’s a place where money flows and tourists (mostly Europeans) flock to spend senseless amounts of money in a more affordable United States of America. These streets see some of the richest men and women in this country but also are beds for homeless and begging men and women. The constant contrast that exists in New York City is what makes this place rich to me. Not the wealth of money, or status.

The “client” we styled commonly was a middle aged women who had a solid career with a tenuous ability to decide on how to complete the perfect outfit. Upon receiving this job I felt guilty for knowing that I would be styling clients by “forcing” multiple clothing items on them when they would only ask for one. However, I quickly learned that most of the customers who walked through the doors at Ann Taylor at 645 Madison Avenue had enough money to buy multiple options of items I suggested for them, and then some.

ann taylor flagship

It turned out to be an interesting experience and I’m glad I got to experience it. I learned so much about fashion and the true cycle of a retail store. This experience was short lived. A month into the job I was contacted about my first full-time job as Graphic Designer on Long Island.  Despite the sudden end to my experience as a stylist, I will be taking advantage of the constant promotions that most retail stores have, or at least most retail stores who can afford new collections every three months have.


Intern Queen Event at Ann Taylor

Intern Queen Event at Ann Taylor

Thank you Ann Taylor Madison 645 Avenue and associates it was good

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