Crazy News!
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Crazy News!

Crazy news! I recently had the strikingly random opportunity to interview for aperture. I wrote an earlier post about it on my blog and mentioned that I would keep up with you how things went. I’m sure there’s not many people who follow me on tumblr because I’m not active enough. Despite that, it’s good just to document my experiences somewhere other than my black head. Anyways, I ended up having the interview the Friday after last and it was marvelous. I was nervous that whole week preparing like crazy but when I got to nyc I decided that I would enjoy it, and I did. She liked my energy and loved my use of typography (thanks Speaker aka my college professor who gave me the love for type I have today). She contacted me last Thursday and asked me to join their team!!!! AHHHH, GOD IS SO GOOD. I know this isn’t normal for someone to get accepted to such a good program in such a short period of time, but when God moves boy, he moves! So to tell you about the program, it’s a work-scholar program aka a paid internship that lasts for 6 months starting in January. It’s full-time hours and I get to work closely with the art director. The internship I currently have with TOWN Magazine in Greenville is similar. I absolutely love the atmosphere at TOWN, in Greenville, SC. I love this city and the people are cool and filled with character. I’m going to miss it here, it’s a true diamond in the rough. This is an internship still but it gets my foot in the door as a junior Graphic Designer in the big apple. I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity with Aperture, it definitely plays into my long-term goal with becoming an Urban and Regional Planner, but that’s another story, until then CHAO!

Here’s a video about the company, Aperture Foundation I’m so exciting currently researching all things Aperture, photography, and polishing basic design skills.

Aperture at Sixty from Aperture Foundation on Vimeo.

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