Wells Fargo Distraction Pattern
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Wells Fargo Distraction Pattern

distration-pattern distration-pattern distraction-pattern

Create an environmental graphic that aligns with the Wells Fargo brand and its attributes. This graphic pattern will be applicable for use in retail branches and team member spaces. Its goal is to create the perception of privacy for customers and team members.

About This Project

I collaborated with our internal lead architect to help produce a new and updated distraction pattern for interior bank and office spaces for Wells Fargo. This new graphic eliminated continuity and registration issues. This pattern was created to be repeatable or formatted for different applications in three sizes, 3-inch distraction band, 24-inch privacy band, and 48-inch privacy band. It removed the need for a preliminary survey for the installers. Printing can be completed once plans are finalized regardless of the glass installation schedule or delays. The creation of this pattern also minimized material waste without the need for a survey.