Black Ignite

About This Project

The theme of this showcase was transitions. After the logo, colors, and typeface was agreed upon I created social media motion graphics for Instagram to help promote the event. These were both formated for Instagram’s feed and story locations. The typeface used for all brand elements was Martin, by Vocaltype. This bold sans-serif typeface references the letters used in the historical posters created during the civil rights movement. The motion graphics focuses on creating call-to-action messages that inform about the event. The quick frame sequencing was vital to the design to engage the viewer’s attention. Using kinetic typography as a pattern was inspired to keep the graphics clean and easy to read. The graphics using the word “transitions” are gifs that act as quick visuals to instill the theme of movement and progression.


In response to the Where Are All the Black Designers virtual conference this summer Black Ignite was created. This event was a showcase exposing 30 black designers to the design industry using five-minute ignite style talks. The goal of Black Ignite was to amplify the voices and works of black designers while offering unity and collaboration opportunities.